Stewart - Agricultural Research Services

Stewart - Agriculture Research Services

About Stewart

Research The Stewart Organization is a custom research service for discovery, development, and fulfillment of regulatory requirements on agricultural production products and non-crop uses.

We are proud of our professional accomplishments which have contributed to the success of our clients since 1975. Started as a field testing service, the STEWART organization has grown to become what is now a fully-integrated, independent service group. The scope of our experience has expanded well beyond our start in the pesticide business. We are technically-based and business-oriented. Our staff is qualified, multi-disciplinary and experienced. Each assignment is taken seriously and every effort is made to accomplish it in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our clients’ interests are our highest priority. Strict client confidentiality, accurate assessment, thorough and timely reporting and adherence to the highest standards of professional integrity are all a part of the STEWART name. Repeat business from satisfied clients is the reason for our success to date and it is the foundation for our success in the future.

As President, I pledge to you that my partners, staff and I will treat your business with respect. We will always be honest and forthright in accepting and accomplishing assignments. Your future is our future. As such, your needs will always be our most important assignment.

Richard G Greenland, President

is a technically-based research and consulting organization with experience and capabilities in a broad range of technologies, products and businesses. The staff consists of highly trained professionals, the majority of which have scientific degrees with formal training and/or practical experience in chemistry, physiology, agronomic sciences, biology, toxicology, horticulture, quality control/assurance, regulatory affairs, finance, business and related fields.

STEWART was founded in 1975 near Macon, Missouri. This company conducts and coordinates research and regulatory field trials throughout North America, South America, Europe, Japan and Australia. The services provided by the company support client activities in discovery and development of agricultural chemical, biochemical, microbial, genetically modified organism and anti microbial products for agricultural, turf, ornamentals, horticultural, rangeland, forestry and industrial uses.

STEWART conducts and monitors GLP studies to fulfill federal and state data requirements for the registration of home & garden products, industrial products and agricultural production products, such as; pesticides, genetic materials, growth regulators and specialty chemicals.

STEWART’s technical and quality assurance personnel monitor product chemistry, ecological effects, environmental fate, toxicology, metabolism and exposure studies to assure data acceptability.

STEWART’s technical personnel serve as study directors and testing facility management.
STEWART’s international experience includes Canada, Mexico and other countries in Central America, South America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Global objective coordination can be achieved through our international affiliates.
STEWART is dedicated to excellence in servicing all clients’ needs in a productive, timely, cost-effective and confidential manner. The company is one hundred percent employee owned, resulting in a staff that places the highest priority on meeting client objectives and exceeding client expectations.


Corporate Officers
President - Richard G Greenland
Secretary/Treasurer - David L. Stevenson
Share Holders
Richard and Silvia Greenland 50%
David and Kim Stevenson 50%


Mail: P.O. Box 100, Clarence, MO 63437
Packages: 2024 Shelby 210, Clarence, MO 63437
Phone: (660) 762-4240    Fax: (660) 762-4295

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