Stewart - Agricultural Research Services

Stewart - Agriculture Research Services

About Stewart

Research The Stewart Organization is a custom research service for discovery, development, and fulfillment of regulatory requirements on agricultural production products and non-crop uses.

The Stewart Organization
provides custom research services: efficacy testing, product development, and GLP studies for antimicrobials, biologicals, biochemicals, pesticides and inert ingredients.

Testing facilities include our Missouri Research Station and Prequalified Independent Trial Sites in
North America, South America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia

Prequalified Independent Trail Sites throughout North America, South America, Western Europe, Japan, and Australia

Mail: P.O. Box 100, Clarence, MO 63437
Packages: 2024 Shelby 210, Clarence, MO 63437
Phone: (660) 762-4240    Fax: (660) 762-4295

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